Don’t Let Dental Anxiety Prevent You from Getting the Care You Need

Many people struggle with moderate or even extreme anxiety around dental visits. If you have dental anxiety, the temptation to just skip out on needed dental care or regular check-ups could feel overwhelming.

However, many oral health care needs grow more serious if not detected and treated in early stages. The best way to avoid too much time at the dentist is to stay up-to-date on your dental health care needs.

At Swinney Morton Dental, our care team, led by Dr. Kayla Morton and Dr. Trey Swinney, offers sedation dentistry with nitrous oxide. Nitrous oxide sedation dentistry lets you receive the dental care you need without triggering your dental anxiety.

Here’s what we want our new and existing patients from the Tyler, Texas, area to know about the benefits of sedation dentistry.

You’re not alone in dealing with dental anxiety

Dental anxiety affects many adults and children in the United States. You might be sensitive to pain, or be worried about harsh judgement from your dental care provider.

While dental anxiety creates an obstacle for many, it’s important not to let your dental care slide. At Swinney Morton Dental, our care team works with you to put together a treatment plan that won’t trigger your dental anxiety. We ensure that you receive the regular dental care you need.

Why you need regular dental and oral health care

Many dental problems are easier to address in early stages. For example, a small cavity can be replaced with a small filling, while a large cavity requires a larger, more potentially unstable filling, or a more expensive crown.

Similarly, developing gum disease in early stages lets you take steps to address the problem, before you’re faced with significant complications, such as tooth loss or jawbone deterioration.

You should see a dentist regularly for scheduled check-ups. At these appointments, we can catch emerging problems early, protecting your long-term dental health and wellness.

And, if you’re suffering from tooth pain, cracked or broken teeth, or bleeding or receding gums, you likely need treatment to stabilize your oral and dental health.

How nitrous oxide sedation can help

Sedation allows you to avoid the scary or painful parts of your dental appointment without skipping appointments all together. Using nitrous oxide sedation can even help you conquer your dental anxiety so you can stop dreading going to the dentist.

Nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, provides a mild sedative effect, allowing you to bypass your dental anxiety and still get the care you need. This colorless gas produces a calming effect.

You inhale the gas before your procedure, and it helps you relax. We mix your nitrous oxide sedation with plenty of oxygen, so you stay conscious and in control of your thinking, speech, and motions. Nitrous oxide takes effect in just minutes, and wears off quickly with minimal effects. You can even drive yourself home after your appointment!

Nitrous oxide sedation is safe for most patients. However, this may not be the right option for you if you suffer from conditions that cause breathing problems, such as emphysema or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Learn more about how nitrous oxide sedation can help you overcome your dental anxiety by contacting Swinney Morton Dental today. Schedule your initial consultation appointment over the phone, or book online now.



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